Who are we?

Tracey is petite, Bi is lanky

Tracey dreams of food. Bi dreams about scotch.

Tracey and Bi have explored and gotten lost in over 40 countries together.

Tracey specializes in Asian fusion cuisine. Bi loves to eat her food.

Tracey loves her sticky rice mango. Bi loves his Johnnie Walker Blue.

Tracey has a degree in interior design. Bi doesn’t

Where are we from?

We are based out of downtown Toronto, Ontario

We love the rustic modern weddings.

We are huge fans of the Toronto Raptors and the Blue Jays.

We are able to shoot weddings anywhere in Ontario and abroad.

We love to travel and have been to the four corners of the globe.

40 countries and counting.

What’s our philosophy?

We tell stories through our lenses.

We strive to capture timeless and genuine photographs.

We let the moments unfold without being obtrusive.

We will give direction when needed.

We will crouch, crawl and even do the asian squat to get the shot.

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Do you shoot destination weddings?

We love to travel and would welcome the opportunity to shoot your destination wedding or elopement. Please contact us for special pricing and information on this process.

Do you always shoot together?

95% of the time we will be shooting together. We’ve shot so many weddings together that it’s become second nature to work with each other. You could say we have developed telepathic powers.

What if you guys get sick and can’t shoot my wedding?

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, you are guaranteed our presence at your wedding. We will make every good faith effort to take your wedding photos even in the event of sickness. Should we not be able to be present at the your wedding due to serious injury, we are responsible for finding a qualified replacement and paying for their fee.

Do you work same sex weddings?

Absolutely! We do not discriminate and welcome couples from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

How do I get my photos from you?

That’s a good question! We deliver all photos on a USB key. Some packages include an awesome password protected online gallery which gives you access to all the photos. These galleries can be shared with friends and family and you can also order prints directly from the site.

What type of equipment do you use?

Let’s make one thing clear, the equipment does not make a great photographer and does not guarantee beautiful photographs. With that being said, using the right equipment puts us in the best position to capture sharp and well-lit images in many less than ideal shooting conditions. We both shoot with 2 Nikon D750s; arguably the king of wedding photography.

What’s the booking process?

Ideally, we’d love to meet you for a coffee where we can help determine the perfect package for you. Think of it as a hassle free coffee date where we learn about you and your special day. No expectations and no sales pitch. You can flip through some of our albums while you sip on your coffee. Let’s get to know each other! Once you’ve decided on the package that best suits your needs we will then send you a contract which you can complete online or in person. Lastly, we request a 50% deposit upon signing the contract. We accept certified cheques, PayPal, e-transfers and cash. Another 25% is due 14 days before the wedding. The remaining 25% is due upon delivery of your photos.


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We have Instagram and we'd love for you to follow us! We do our best to update our work with wedding or travel related photos. Since we don't really use Snapchat, Instagram stories is the best way to get a glimpse of our behind the scenes and day to day activities.